Between the Divide

The Creator balances the world with his unmatched expertise.  Some of us have been blessed enough to have a healthy life and a comfortable living. On the other hand, some amongst us can barely have enough food to fill their stomach and adding to the trial, health issues tag along. Although, contrary to the way it seems, they are not the only ones that are challenged.  

If going through crisis because of not having the financial resources is Allah’s test, then so is having those resources and not sharing them wisely.

We bring to you the story of a bright star named Amna. Appreciated by teachers and family for her brilliance, she stands bravely in the face of type-1 diabetes at a very young age of 11 years. Back in 2016, upon the diagnosis, a local hospital provided her with the essential insulin. Things stabilized for a few years until insulin stopped acting effectively on Amna. As a result, she started getting weaker and fainted very frequently. The only way suggested by doctors for betterment was using a different insulin that comes in insulin pen and taking a healthier diet.

Fareeda, mother of Amna immediately got in a state of panic and could not figure a way to help her daughter. She could not figure out any possible way to earn extra Rs 6000-7000 to ease the pain of her child. Running a small salon she is the only bread earner of her family as her husband is jobless. In addition, her daughter being allergic to wheat and gluten really limited the options for her. Unable to provide Amna with the needed nutrition, she did not see any way to afford an insulin pen. Upon seeing the desperate mother, Amna’s doctor told Fareeda about Meethi Zindagi. 

Dearest Amna is now one of our beneficiaries and every month, she is provided with a package containing glucometer, insulin, test strips, wipes and the most essential insulin pen. Each package costing Rs 6500 onwards per month can change so many lives just like Amna’s. Your Zakat can help many children live a normal life just like others.

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