Lack of Knowledge is Darker than Night

One of the biggest misconception, especially in Pakistan, is that only adults or older people can get diabetes. The fact on the contrary is that diabetes adheres to no specific age group. It is simply a medical condition that elevates the blood sugar level in body. The carelessness and ignorance in local clinics has cost us many precious lives.

What would be left after buying his Insulin?

Karachi’s resident Nasreen Bano told us that she has two sons; Hammaz and Badar. Hammaz is older and studies in grade 8. In 2001, he was diagnosed with diabetes. It was a difficult time for them to buy insulin, blood sugar test strips, injections, and most of the time, they skipped to buy insulin

Insulin for Quality Life

Fathers look forward to their sons becoming their allies and support, but sometimes, life has its own challenges. Though treatable and common, diabetes is still a condition that no parent would ever want to think of their child enduring. Type-1 diabetes can be dealt easily with the use of timely insulin but what happens when there are not enough resources?

A Promise of Life Made to Haris in Rawalpindi

Eight year old Haris belongs to an under-privileged family of 8, living in a small village in the suburbs of Rawalpindi. His parents approached us through social media and the next day we visited them. His mother told Meethi Zindagi team that six years ago followed by his continuous weakness and weight loss, they admitted Haris in the hospital, where he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.

A Seminar changed Their Daughter’s Life

Every kid wants to make a lot of friends. Sometimes they start feeling low and depressed because they feel different from others. Using insulin in school, frequent visits to the bathroom and laziness can make them stand out. It is unfortunate for a child to be introduced to syringes, glucometers and test strips at an early age.

A Mother’s Cry for Help

A mother’s love has no match. She provides, love and cares for all her children and fights off any evil that reaches them. Every day we see so many mothers sacrificing their wishes, their appetite and their passions for their children. It is said that birth is one of the most painful experiences in a woman’s life and yet she knowingly goes through it for the sake of motherhood.

Between the Divide

The Creator balances the world with his unmatched expertise.  Some of us have been blessed enough to have a healthy life and a comfortable living. On the other hand, some amongst us can barely have enough food to fill their stomach and adding to the trial, health issues tag along. Although, contrary to the way it seems, they are not the only ones that are challenged.