Awareness through Educational Institutes

Worldwide, over 132,000 children and adolescents are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes each year.
On top of this, the type 2 diabetes pandemic has gripped Pakistan with our country in being at the 4th place in the number of adults with diabetes.
We believe that no person with diabetes should face a delayed diagnosis, confusion, loneliness, judgment or deal with inadequate treatment. Every child, every teacher and every household should be aware about all types of diabetes, symptoms, prevention (where possible) and treatment. We are changing what it means to live with diabetes in Pakistan by educating the society to develop a sense of empathy towards the diabetes community and support them in living fully with this chronic condition.

Meethi Zindagi is reaching out to every child, adolescent and young adult studying in over 600 schools, colleges and universities across 3 major cities of Pakistan with the aim of making students aware and helping them understand diabetes.

In conjunction with our Promise of Insulin and peer support programs, the campaign focuses on outreaching to the students with diabetes through schools and connecting them to their peers and supporters.

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