21Jun, 2021

Owning The Diabetes Victory

Bairum was always a chubby kid, to begin with, but It all started in the year 2003. His family & he had gone for summer vacations to New York, USA. Since then he was a very active child in sports and other activities and never noticed his frequent thirst and urination that was being triggered; […]

21Jun, 2021

Emmad making his parents proud

Taj Muhammad works are the police department. He is the father of two kids named Emaad and Ayesha who both have type 1 diabetes.  In August 2018, one-day Emaad came to Taj and told him that he visited the restroom 6 to 7 times at night, and at the same time, he was really thirsty. […]

21Jun, 2021

A successful Type 1 journey

Adnan says that everyone should be thankful to Allah for all the things he has blessed us with. He says that he has been blessed by Allah more than he deserves. Usually when anyone is diagnosed with type 2 diabetes people come around saying that “you are ineligible to perform certain tasks” and they think […]

18Jun, 2021

Diabetes is not a Taboo

Taha did not remember the exact date but was sure that it was 2010. He was in Saudi Arabia back then, the results of the board exams were about to be announced, and he was awaiting his 9th board result. There were symptoms of strange behavior, aggressive thirst, frequent urination, weight loss, etc. His family […]

18Jun, 2021

Parenting Two Type 1 Champs

Saira Qamar is a mother of two type 1 champs. Her journey started a decade ago with the diagnosis of her firstborn, Omer.  He had been experiencing abdominal pain, frequent urination, and tiredness. He started losing interest in everything and lost about 5 kgs in one month. He had labored breathing but he had been […]

10Mar, 2021

Efficiency and Management Conquers All

It was a normal morning of June 18, 2019. I was preparing for a minor surgical procedure in a nearby hospital. As protocol, before any surgical procedure my blood pressure and blood glucose levels were checked and to my surprise, my blood glucose levels were 404 mg/dl. My family doctor and all his staff were […]

03Mar, 2021

My Tale of Diabetes in the Era of Unacceptance

My diabetes diagnosis came during the summer of 1996. I had turned 15 a few weeks earlier and the telltale signs had started creeping in a little before then. Things like massive weight loss, despite regular appetite (where my clothes were looser as opposed to “fitting better”), increased thirst and inexplainable lethargy were taken as […]