Adnan says that everyone should be thankful to Allah for all the things he has blessed us with. He says that he has been blessed by Allah more than he deserves. Usually when anyone is diagnosed with type 2 diabetes people come around saying that “you are ineligible to perform certain tasks” and they think that such people are out of the race but It is your life and you have to prove them wrong 

His diabetes journey started back in 2002 when he was diagnosed with type-1 diabetes. At that time he was only 7 years old. His parents were in deep shock after knowing about Adnan’s health condition. Doctors encouraged them and guided his whole family all about diabetes.

Adnan always thanks his mother for motivating him during his journey. As time passed, neighbours and relatives often came to discourage his parents and used to pass different comments like, It is useless to spend any money on Adnan’s studies because he will not be able to perform normally, he will not be able to memorize things, and most importantly he won’t be able to travel alone rather always need support.

Adnan faced all the criticism regarding the common misconceptions which everyone hears in their daily life about diabetes. His father always motivated him that he cannot stop them but he can prove them wrong. 

He passed his matriculation in 2010 and intermediate exams in 2013 with distinction in his college. Then he got admission to Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree at the University of Agriculture, Faisalabad. It was another hard time for Adnan’s family to send him far away from home and allow him to stay at a hostel as his hometown was in Rahim Yar Khan. 

Thanks to my elder brother who took a stand for me that time and guided my parents that I can manage myself. In the end, they agreed. 

The first few days were difficult for Adnan at the hostel as he needed to maintain the cold chain of insulin as well. Eventually, he succeeded to adjust himself there. He also got permission from the university management to keep insulin at the hostel canteen refrigerator. For the first few months, it was hard for Adnan to wake up early in the morning and take breakfast at the proper time, but finally, he succeeded.We can do anything with strong determination. My mother always motivated me during this journey that I can do anything. 

Luckily, Adnan got good friends at university who always supported him during his hard times. His friends were well aware of the first aid during times of hypos. He faced some criticism at university by some fellows and teachers as well. However, he did get some great teachers who always supported him and motivated him that he can do anything. He completed his graduation in 2018 with a Bronze Medal in his session. 

Later Adnan started his M.Phil. “Dr. Muhammad Kasib Khan” his mentor supported him through every situation. He changed his way of thinking.

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