Taj Muhammad works are the police department. He is the father of two kids named Emaad and Ayesha who both have type 1 diabetes. 

In August 2018, one-day Emaad came to Taj and told him that he visited the restroom 6 to 7 times at night, and at the same time, he was really thirsty. The next day Emaad was taken to the hospital. When urine tests were done everyone got to know that his sugar level was 700+. When Taj got to know the situation he went into disbelief as he couldn’t accept the fact that his son was diagnosed with Type 1. That very instance Taj’s eyes got filled with tears and he started to shiver because he couldn’t explain what he was feeling. He couldn’t agree to the fact that a few months back his nephew passed away due to Type 1 as no one in his family was aware of it.

Soon, when Taj went home and told everyone, they also were in denial of Emaad having Type 1 diabetes. Taj and his wife were daunted as the face of their dead nephew was moving around their eyes. 

In the eyes of Taj and his family, insulin was the last solution. They could not understand anything, thus Taj went to the doctor the very next day so he could learn how to put insulin, which is when his actual test started. He realized that being a father was a very difficult job. He still couldn’t accept the fact that his son had Type 1 and during that period of time, his daughter Ayesha also got diagnosed with Type 1. 

Both of Taj’s children never lost hope and they felt like nothing was wrong with them. There were some moments when their sugar levels used to increase as arranging the insulin got difficult. One day, Taj had only Rs. 700 in his pocket when his wife told him that there was no insulin left at home for the kids. The medical store was a long, tiring way from home but Taj still went. He bought the insulin for that time but he started to think that what will he do for it in the future.  

As far as school was concerned, Taj and his wife faced a lot of issues but their kids never made them lose hope. In fact, their principal and teachers were also very helpful in this whole situation. 

After being diagnosed with Type 1 Emaad had transformed himself a lot. Whenever he was assigned any work, he used to complete it, and behind all this Meethi Zindagi played a great role. In fact, my son is a Hafiz-ul-Quran today, and this is all because of Meethi Zindagi. In Pakistan, Emaad is the first kid to be a Hafiz-ul-Quran with Type 1. I cannot even explain how I feel when I stand being my son, who has Type 1, leading the Taraweeh, I just become extremely happy. 

All of the parents are highly strong. Allah has put us in this situation because all things are going to be calm and smooth after this time period. Our kids put on insulin and do their daily chores. Being parents we are very confident and we do not lose hope ever. 

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